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At IronWave Capital, you can create a wide investment portfolio consisting of financial derivative products such as currency parities, precious metals such as dollar, euro, gold, silver, copper, industrial commodities, agricultural commodities, energy commodities and world stock market indices.

You can reduce your risk by trading with leveraged transactions and hedging.

Safe Transaction

Our company is licensed by FCA to provide financial services and is regulated by FCA.

Global Services

Easy and fast access to financial markets around the world.


Trading CFDs of stocks on IronWave Capital, a diversified broker in global markets.

It serves as a Broadly Authorized Brokerage Institution with its strong equity structure and many investment products.


A wide portfolio choice in government bonds, corporate bonds and various other types of bonds.


Opportunity to make transactions in a wide range of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple.


Invest in the future of countries instead of individual stocks with world stock markets!


Invest in the shares of producing and developing local/foreign public companies and become partners in them.

Foreign currency

Reduce your exchange rate risk, if any, when investing according to parities of different countries' currencies!


Increase your flexibility in financial markets and seize instant opportunities with agricultural products, precious metals such as oil, natural gas and copper.


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Financial Strategy

It does not matter whether you are a newcomer to the market or experienced. Each individual has a unique financial structure and goals. IronWave Capital team looks at investor-specific strategies as the key to success.

Free Trainings

The financial world is a diverse and highly sophisticated market. The more knowledge you acquire, the sooner you will achieve success. IronWave Capital provides you with entry-level and intermediate-level forex training with the support of expert trainers. All you have to do is contact the live support.

Asset Management

It There are hundreds of assets in the Forex market. Each of them has separate features and entry/exit times. It is very important for profit to know what factors are caused by the possible rise or fall of an asset. The expert IronWave Capital team is available 24/7 to help you identify and manage the right assets for you.

Your Earnings Mean Our Success

IronWave Capital has been maintaining its leading position in the international financial market for 10 years. IronWave Capital employees are experts in creating the right strategy. Any financial statement can quickly reach profits with the right strategy. The greatest achievement for IronWave Capital is gaining the trust of its investors. Since it is an exemplary brokerage house with its strong financial and corporate structure, it has been leading the sector for years.


Features of Our Platform

Meta Trader 5 (MT5) is an advanced trading platform. It offers the ability to trade across a variety of asset classes, technical analysis tools, and custom indicators. It provides users with instant market access with deep liquidity and fast trading features. Meta Trader 5 offers an advanced expert advisor (EA) support to implement automated trading strategies. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, it is an ideal platform for both beginners and experienced investors.

All Currencies Accepted

More than 600 Trading Tools

You can trade more than 600 products on global markets on our platform. Currency pairs, indices, commodities and more...

Full Management Features


Users can manage accounts, control positions, and have full access to their funds through the platform.
Users have the ability to edit open positions, manage pending orders, and review account history in detail.

Low cost

High Leverage

Low Spread

Fast Transaction


Choose From A Variety Of Trading Accounts

Customize your trading strategy by choosing from a variety of trading accounts with features that suit your needs.


Ideal for low risk and beginner investors



Ideal for low risk and beginner investors



Ideal for low risk and beginner investors



    Marco Bannister

    “The platform's simplicity is unparalleled, and the support team promptly addresses any queries I may have. Engaging in trading used to be intimidating; however, Ironwave Capital has effortlessly transformed it into a seamless process for me. Their commitment to transparency, coupled with their useful tools, has converted what could have been overwhelming into an enjoyable endeavor. ”

      Amrita Stevens

      "For more than a year now, I've immersed myself in Ironwave Capital and must admit that they have made trading seem instinctive. Even as someone relatively inexperienced in investing, navigating through their platform was effortless. With abundant investment choices available at hand, Ironwave Capital indisputably stands as my reliable financial companion."

        Kian Robinson

        “Their reliability is unquestionable, and simultaneously, they provide copious opportunities for investments. What truly distinguishes them from others is undoubtedly the commendable customer service extended.They embody not merely transactional mediators but genuinely care about customers' accomplishments. ”

        James Gauthier

        COO, Corporate Bank

        Lavinia Gomez

        Marketing, Creative Agency


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